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Active Learning

Actively identifying excluded children to get them enrolled in school and included in learning, treating children as subjects with rights and State as duty-bearers with obligations to fulfill these rights, and demonstrating, promoting, and helping to monitor the rights and well-being of all children in the community.

Modern Teaching Aids

Modern teaching aids are varied in nature and utility. From learning laptop to toys todays kids have an world of opportunities in terms of variety in teaching aids. There are games, activities according to the developmental stages of a learner, tools and systems etc which can make a teachers task more enjoyable.

Color Full Classrooms

The class Rooms which attracts kids to achieve the goal with joy

Play As You Learn

Class Room

Where you can study like play

Drawing & Painting

Art Fundamentals: Drawing and Painting Essentials covers the key foundational principles that underly artwork and it's creation. You'll discover the core fundamentals you need to know in order to be effective at learning to draw and paint, be it digital or traditional. This course is designed for artists of all levels.

With Music4Kids, music is child's play!

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